Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mummy? I want mummy love you (me).....

My little boy is getting very good at reading signs. The moment he detects anger in me, he will immediately asked me to love him and he will try to manja manja me.

I love it when he hugs me and hugs me like a bear! Most nights, he will ask me to hug him to sleep. He will guide my hand to hold his tummy area or at times, he will playfully climb on me to sleep or hug me with both his hand and leg.

I am waiting patiently for the day when he tells me that he loves me. :)

Whenever I can, I will carry my boy. I miss carrying him but these days... even hubby finds it difficult to carry him! He is soooooo heavy. So the only time now to be really close to him is during night time or nap time where I get to smell him and hug him snugly in my arms.

:) I love my only son so much.

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BabyBooned said...

awww thats just so sweet