Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Learning to please to the point of lying?

My dear son was never the rebellious type. He may throw very bad tantrums at times but at the end of a session he will listen to us. I guess most kids at his age want things to be done to their liking right? Reese is no exception.

We find reverse psychology works very well with him. For example, if we ask him to finish his food before playing... he will ignore us and continue playing. Then I will just tell him it's ok. Don't need to eat. You be hungry and I will take away the plate of food. Immediately he will say something like... "Don't want to be hungry!" (whines or tantrum starts), "I want to eat!!!" (getting angry). See? it always works. :)

Then lately... he has learned to read signs of us not being happy with his actions! He will then try to do petty actions to please you! Not only that... sometimes just to get away from being nagged or scolded he will tell you he did something rather than not! Now that's lying right? I don't think Reese fully understand how lying works but sadly... I can see he is getting there....*sigh*

He is growing up fast isn't it? Sooner or later he will pick up bad stuff from others... Oh boy! teaching him is going to get tougher...... got to be prepared!!

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