Friday, May 30, 2008

Real drum!!

Yes... we finally got Reese a real children's drum. Thanks to my in-laws, they went to QueensBay mall, Penang and got the drum from Yamaha before they come down to KL. And another surprise.. my in-laws wants the drum and a triangle to be Reese's 2nd birthday present! They paid for the drum and triangle! Thank you mum and dad.

Beside the real drum, Reese also got another drum from in-laws' friend (Aunty Yenni). She got him a toy drum but made of cloth and the sound was pretty good too.
On the evening when my husband and in-laws came home. They took out both the drums... Reese was delighted!! He had a great time playing with his existing drum and the new drums... 3 drums surrounded Reese on the sofa... he just sat there playing with it and watched Barney ...and we all had a good peaceful dinner. It must be more than 20 minutes.. hehe..

Reese didn't want to go into his room to sleep. He was protesting when we took him in. After his milk... he ask to go out and play...we took him out.. he walked to his new drums... took them into the room..and drummed away... hubby and I both fell asleep... and when I woke up... Reese was asleep beside me holding on to his new drum sticks!

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