Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's day flowers from hubby and Reese

Reese and Daddy with the flowers

Reese was holding the flowers all the way to my parents home

Mother's day

I had a good night sleep last night with very little interruption. Hubby wanted me to sleep well last night... he read about what I wanted for mother's day... hehe.. He was sweet enough to take care of Reese during his midnight feed. I woke up early and feeling happy I prepared salad and potatoes, marinated the lamb, fish and prawns. Cook Reese's mushroom soup.

Hubby took Reese to the playground area to pluck some flowers for me. After that.. we dropped Reese at my parents place and we went for a nice breakfast. No bah kut teh for me but I got to eat my favourite porridge in town. We went back to my mom's place and took Reese to the pool for some water fun. Because Reese did not get to sleep at his usual time... he cried in the car, frustrated because he was super sleepy.. took him out of the car seat and he slept on my shoulder during the entire journey home. Once I got out of the car.. he woke and cried... took 9 oz of milk and peanut butter banana sandwich and played the whole day. Reese had his dinner early and I cooked dinner for my family. My parents, sister and two aunties came. We all had a good time. It was also my sister's birthday. Reese slept at 8pm. It was a good Mother's day.
Ps: Thank you dear for the weekend. :)


Blessed mum said...

That's very sweet gesture from your hubby!

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Ann said...

Isnt' a blog great !

but it was also very sweet of your hubby to read it and do as per what you the extent that he could!

You are indeed blessed as a mum and a wife.

A gift from God said...

Blessed mum, sweet... He surprises me sometimes... Love him very much...hehe..


Blogging is great and indeed I am a blessed mum and wife... :)

andrewjune said...

wow...i think you must be speechless when you received the flowers :-)
glad you had an amazing wweekend with loved ones!

Baby Darren said...

wah...not bad wor...ur fantasy and reality quite close leh...ur hubby is really great that try to make ur fantasy comes true....envy..envy...

A gift from God said...


Indeed it was a good weekend.

Soo Li,

Yeah..hubby was trying his best to make my fantasies a reality..hehe