Saturday, May 24, 2008

Daddy Reese

This is daddy Reese. Let me tell you something about him. Daddy Reese never like kids and given a choice, he doesn't want children but because of his love for his wife... ahem... we agree to have one. Before Reese came about, he never goes near any kids! He doesn't like kids because they are naughty, fragile and never listen.... He has never carried a baby before and thus just minutes after Reese was born, I remembered vividly... I told the nurse to give Reese to him...he was somewhat reluctant...haha.. he was blur and probably scared! I guess initially fatherhood was really tough for him. It took his freedom away. He really tries his best when it comes to his son! :) Now, he is good at changing diaper, feeding, singing, dancing and be silly, babysitting , playing, getting his son to sleep and even bathing his son... oh..another thing...he is super patient with his son too... No one can melt his heart better than Reese. Reese has also brought out the kid in him even more... I am proud of you dear. To me, you are the best father Reese could ever have. You are truly devoted to your our precious Reese. Each day after work, no matter how tired you are, you will still spend some time with Reese either playing or get him to bed. You are a great dad!

Father's day is just round the corner... so fabulous mummy bloggers.... care to share about your hubby on being a father? Kathie, Ann, Soo Li, Mumsgather.... I want to hear about your hubbies....

Feeding Reese (3 weeks old)

Carrying his precious to sleep....

Admiring his precious

Playing with Reese at the playground

Feeding Reese his dinner

Taking an afternoon nap with Reese.. see the foot sticking out?

Reading bible stories before bedtime

Waiting for food....

Taking photos of Reese

Playing with Reese

Watching educational programs on the computer

More playing with Reese


Blessed mum said...

how fatherhood transform a man! As mentioned in my bloog, my hubby no matter how he tries, can never be a "baby-friendly" one. But he is good with toddler and above : )

Happy Father's Day in advance to a Wonderful Dad!

Ann said...

You know watching your hubby and Reese together, I wouldnt have known he didn't like kids!

It is great indeed.

A gift from God said...

blessed mum,

Thank you!


Now you know...haha... tell me about your hubby!