Thursday, May 22, 2008

Interest in Self Feeding

YES.... Reese is finally interested in self feeding. Eating out with Reese is always a challenge. It is usually difficult to get him to sit in the highchair and for us to have a peaceful meal and I don't like a messy baby with oil and food stains everywhere. So about two weeks ago, while eating at Reese's favourite place (Fish & Co), I decided to let him try feeding himself with chips. I broke a few pieces of chips into small cubes. Guided him to use his fork and poke into the little cubes. Then we showed him how to put the fork into his mouth and after one attempt, he did it. Then he got excited... he fed himself a few more of those chips... and thus we had a somewhat peaceful meal..... :) Ever since then, whenever we are out eating, we will let him play with his food!!

Yesterday evening I guided him to use a spoon to feed himself some noodles. Whenever possible, I allow him to eat fruit pieces on his own. Even biscuits. Now he is more willing to hold these items and eat them. But he has not mastered the skill to eat and hold and eat again. He will usually push the whole piece (whatever he is holding) into his mouth even thou it's too big, wide or too long... hehehe.... Will have to let him practise more.

Ps: My mom still doesn't approve allowing Reese to play with his food and self feed!! She told me that my sister and I only started to eat on our own around 3 plus!!!


Ann said... good that Reese is wanting to eat by himself. I don't remmeber when I started eating on my own....but I think was early. My mum never got the cake or ice cream into my mouth fast enough and I always had to alternate with cher cher even though I had already swallowed clean!

But after that once in a while, cher cher and I will get mummy to feed us again...just for fun!

Baby Darren said...

the oldies always believed that self-feeding is very messy and playing with food is no good. But to me, this is the way to train their motor skill and be more independent when come to meal time.

Well, practice takes time and you got to bear with the messiness in the mean time. When they have mastered the skill, they will be less messy.

Sometimes looking at their messy and dirty faces with food stain around their mouths and faces, they just looked so cute and funny!!!!

A gift from God said...


Reese doesn't like cakes or ice cream..haha... I hope he can be more independent soon... we miss eating in peace...

Soo Li,'s fun to watch them all dirty and messy... but I hate to clean up the mess...well.. actually maid can do that..but still..