Friday, May 30, 2008

Phases and 2/3 syllabus words...

Reese has been actively saying 2 to 3 syllabus words and also talking in phases. I guess he is ready to converse with us more.... :) oh...he also does alot of hand actions and body movements... alot of progress the past 3 weeks. He is almost 20 months!!

Some of the phases and words he says :
outside play,open door,bird nest,good boy,morning,castle,drink milk,built crane,read book,changing,kite,Porsche,rabbit,airplane, swimming,swimming,pool,apples, elephant (erliphan),ambulance (ambuen),fire engine (fire engin), ride bike, thank you (an-q).

I think his current vocabulary easily exceed 100 words... that's a rough estimation. Can't wait for him to talk with me!!

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