Monday, May 12, 2008

I always wonder how I am going to teach Reese manners. Is it going to be difficult? Apparently not. Reese is smart enough to imitate us. :)
When he gives you something, he will say 'air q' (thank you). We taught him to say thank you when one receives something from someone but Reese thinks both giving and receiving deserve a 'air q'!
Recently, we taught him to say Please when he ask for something. So now, whenever he wants something, he will either do hand gestures or whine to indicate he wanted something...but will only use the word Please when both actions fail! Haha... he will say 'piss' (please).
Something funny, he likes to jump around and when he falls, he will say 'air fu'. Can you guess what he is saying?
He is reminding himself to be careful (air fu)!! :) smart eh?
Oh... Reese can now call his daddy Adrian. :) He still calls me 'Ah me' and can't call my name Florence either. *sigh*


Ann said... clever boy!

better dont call by name Ah Mee still the BEST no? Even better Mamee....

A gift from God said...


Of course I want him to call me Mummy...but... he still calls me Ah mee... We tried correcting him.. I think he knows...but just refuse to call me mummy... *sigh*

Baby Darren said...

well...i believe kids learn through example. So, if the adults always say "please, tq, good morning, goodbye, hello xxx", they will pick it up and learn too.

Reese is sure a smart boy and I am sure he will be a polite little boy too.

A gift from God said...

Soo Li,

We are trying our best to behave..haha..