Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First Passport photo

It took the lady 10 minutes or more and after 20 or so shots before she got this picture. Reese wasn't happy sitting on the kodak box and staring at the camera. As you can see in the photo, he wasn't very happy. :)

I took Reese to the immigration probably 2 weeks ago. I reached there at 8.15am and I am done in half and hour. Very fast. Then within 2 hours, his passport was ready.

Documents wise, You need his birth certificate, his Mykid, your marriage certificate, one parent's IC and the form (RM1) or you can download it from the immigration site but remember, must be printed on both sides. All documents need a photocopied version. You need to pay RM150 for the passport.


Ann said...

Thanks for the info about what is required. WIll do it when I bring boyboy to Spore!

andrewjune said...

the lady only take 2 shots of rachael and the 2nd shot she was smiling so the whole photo session was fast & easy :-)
we took back the form alsmot 2 wks ago but hv yet to submit them...perhaps next wk!

Moomykin said...

Nice shot. :)

Both my boys got their passport done when they were really little. Micah was 3 months old and Max was 6 months old. So both their passports have their baby photos.

Have yet to update them...
Not sure about those procedures, though.

A gift from God said...

Just wondering mummies,

Is there a ruling that says you must update your kid's photo when they reach a certain age??

Baby Darren said...

hahaha....he looked so cute in the photo. It is always not easy to get the kids take a proper passport photo.