Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gender Stereotyping Toys

Take a walk down Toys "R" Us. Take a closer look at the toys marketed specifically for boys and girls. At the girls' section you find dolls, fashion, cooking, jewelery just to name a few. As for the boys you find action figures, sports equipment, cars, planes and others.

I find that the toys for girls are encouraging them to be pretty, keeping house, playing mummy, basically domesticated stuff whereas for boys it's aim at dexterity, action and skills.

Some people might think that what's the big deal? but for me, toys is part of the molding process of our children's lives and these toys do send a message about the roles of women and men in our society.

I believe by gender stereotyping too much, it will limit opportunities and talents for both girls and boys. They will benefit if we offer them limitless options. They will grow up to be more fully developed if we give them the freedom to discover who they are.

I want Reese to be able to cook or keeping house. Perhaps sewing buttons or patching up holes on his pants! I have seen parents letting their sons play papa and take care of babies and play cooking. I think that's really good. I want Reese to grow up being very independent and resourceful.

What do you think? Care to share your thoughts on this?


Ann said...

You are right...

I think I would want my boy to learn how to cook and clean and iron and all that as well.... blessed his wife will be!!

Moomykin said...

Oh, my boys actually love playing masak-masak (cooking) and then offering them to me, sometimes even feed me. It's really great.