Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleepless nights

It's now 3.09am.

I can't sleep again. Why? because Reese woke up asking for milk. From day one Reese never sleeps through the night. He will usually wake up at least once for milk. The last few days were tough on us because he did not sleep well and kept waking up asking for milk. The previous night he woke up at least 3 times asking for milk!

So how do you train a child to sleep through the night? and the past month, before bedtime he will drink milk twice before falling asleep and another 2 to 3 times in between sleep. He has been drinking so much milk! In every 24 hours he will have between 4 to 7 feeds of milk. Too much right? I had to secretly reduce the scoops in his milk. I don't want him to be over weight. *sigh*

At this age do they still have growth spurts? Is it normal to drink so much? I suspect it's more of a habit to help him go to sleep, somewhat like a pacifier... do you think so?


Ling That's Me said...

be firm and reject his request. if he cries, let him cries. tell him that he has to wait till the next morning to have his milk.

that's how I wean my girl off night feeds when she was 3 years old plus, which I felt that it's time to cut the night feeds.

Merryn said...

oh yes.. it's definitely habit not hunger. dun give in or just give him water my boss once told me .. u think u have the heart to do dat? otherwise, keep on feeding him until one day he miracuously sleep thru the nite.. :)

Baby Darren said...

I agree that it is more of habits than hunger. You can try reduce the scope as you said so that he didn't take TOO MUCH milk, on the other hand, can satisfy his needs. (I used to have 2 milk powder container that contains different scope of milk. If he asked for "extra" milk, I'll make the lesser one. The normal drinking hour, I'll make the usual one for him.)

Somehow lately Darren has automatically stopped asking for midnight feed. He has started to sleep through since a month ago. So, I guess, as they grow, they will sleep better and won't ask for night feed anymore.

Many people do advise me to wean him off night feed but honestly I do not have the heart to do it. I just continue feeding until...yes..he is ready to sleep through.

So, the choice is yours. Hope he can sleep better tonight. Then, u can have a good night sleep too!

A gift from God said...


You wean your girl when she was 3 right? so I still have time to let Reese try to wean himself... hehe.. I don't have the heart to let him crylah.


No heart to do thatloh. Wait will and for the miracle... hehe

Mummy Darren,

I have been doing the reduced scoop thing for many months now.. I have a container that I will fill up 3 slots. At times, 3 slots also not enough... For normal drinking hours he will get the exact scoops of milk powder. I also got no heart to let him cry.. mmm... maybe Reese will one day be like Darren.. sleep through... will tahan first... :)

LittleLamb said...

check with ur paed on how much milk u should feed reese. for philip, the paed told me its 15oz a day. i thought it was way too little. the paed warn me for obesity later on. so i just obediently listen to doc. so since turning 1, philip is drinking 15 oz a day.

regarding sleep through the night..u need to be a little cruel. whereby feed water when he ask for milk. he will cry. but after 1 week, he will get the cue. beware, the crying will be bad. neighbors will wake up. but after 1 week, shd be ok. well it worked for me.

A gift from God said...

Little Lamb,

Did not ask the doc but did some research sometime back that it should be alot less and not more than 24oz a day. My boy drinks about that but lately more. What I did was, reduce the milk powder and increase the water in his milk. :)

As for sleeping thru the night.. hai... cannot bear to see him cry..... so will continue until he sleeps through by himself.

Kristie said...

so sorry to hear abt this..

i guess if u dont have the heart to cut off is midnight feeds, then just let him wean off by himself :)