Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Play group update

Yesterday was Reese's 5th session at the play group. How is he adjusting you may asked? He is adjusting well. He enjoys going to the play group. 

Activities we did so far:

Free play - Reese loves it. :)

Building fine motor skills - Reese's favourite is using a tong to pick up corks. Yesterday he successfully pick up all the corks and put them into another bowl like a pro. He uses both hands to operate the tong. He loves it. He also likes pouring water from one jug to the other.

Craft time - Somewhat interested. Oh well, he just wants to play with the glue!

Sing song time - The first few times he rarely pay attention to the sing song sessions but rather prefer to walk around and play in the house. The last two sessions I saw an improvement. He still refused to sit with me and the rest but prefer to be in the centre and jump/run/walk while we sang. Songs that were familiar to him he will pay more attention and he would also do actions as and when required. :)

Story time - Not interested. I guess they don't read stories like mummy does. Hehehe....

Behaviour - Overall he behaved well except earlier sessions he will whine for certain things or even shout if demands were not met. But the last two sessions, he was ok.

Snack time - Well, most of the snacks that were served so far, he ate very little of them. He is a picky eater.

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