Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Potty Training Again


We kinda have some success! :)

Ok... so on Sunday I decided to try potty training again with Reese after all he already turned 28 months! This time I explained to him that he cannot shh shh (urinate) on the floor nor can he do so on the mattress and he seemed to understand and even repeated after me. Then I kept asking him whether he wanted to urinate every 20 to 30 minutes and most of the time he will answer me with a " Don't want". He did wet his training pants once. Then the second time I continued to remind him not to do so.... and after an hour or so.... I saw signs that he wanted to urinate... so we quickly rushed him to the toilet and he did it. :) One problem thou, he refused to use the potty. So I had to just let him stand there and urinate...so it's kinda messy. I figure it's ok for now until he can tell me that he needs to go and then later teach him to use the potty. The last time we tried potty training, in less than 2 hours, Reese wet all three training pants and another 2 briefs...this time, only wet 1 training pants :)

Yesterday I tried again in the morning, did the same thing, kept reminding him not to urinate on the floor and kept asking him whether he wants to urinate but in 1 hour he wet his pants 3 times.. after that... I told him it's ok..but you have to tell me.... I show him the mess and told him it's not nice to urinate on the floor...bla..bla..bla.... after that... guess what? He wanted to poo... and I panicked... He kinda told me that he wanted to poo... so we went into the toilet again... i tried to put him on the toilet bowl but he refused... potty also refused... so... I let him poo standing... hehe... and queitly I tried to catch his poo! and I did it ...hehehe.... but there were bits here and there... it was kinda funny cause Reese refused to let me wash him until I clean up the poo on the floor... he is afraid of his own poo... hehe...

So yesterday was quite good.... manage to go without diapers from 8 am to 10.30am with one poo and 1 pee in the toilet. :)

Will try again today..... :) It's definately less stressful when they are ready. So my advice is don't force a child if he is not ready cause everyone will be stressful! :)


Linda said...

Potty training really need a lot of our patience. I started my girl @ 22mths, and just see an almost complete success now @ 2y7months.

A gift from God said...


I know patience is the key and I didn't have much few months back and he wasn't ready then! Now, it's quite easy... hehehe... infact on day 6 he already automatically inform us that he needs to go pee or poo! :) but now that he can do that... I have another problem. check out my latest post any advice?