Saturday, February 07, 2009

Good books to start with toddlers

Honestly, I don't like most of the illustration in Dr. Seuss books. So when I saw this book, I wasn't that impressed. Since it came with my Sonlight Core, I have to give it a try. I tried to 'read' the book with Reese many months ago but he was not interested then until recently...actually 2 days ago... hehe...

I started to read aloud with very expressive hand and facial expression and mimicking different sounds and voices of the dogs! Trust me, at the end of the story... I was all exhausted! But it is worth it. Reese had a really good time laughing and listening to me and pointing and even helping me to read!

After reading the book with Reese a few times, I must say this is actually a great book for young toddlers who are learning to speak in sentences. The text is perfect for early speakers. I realized how well it teaches or reinforces concepts of under/over, up/down, opposites, colors and a some humor. It has definitely grown on me.

Another book that I am using is Dr. Seuss' ABC. Reese doesn't show much interest in this book except for the pages that show the letter F. It's actually quite funny. Reese will laugh out really loud whenever I say this from the book "Four Fluffy Feathers on a Fiffer-feffer-feff." This book teaches alphabets and their sound. Again, I don't like the illustration but I must say it's quite a good book to introduce the sound of the alphabets to toddlers. The letters each take a turn in the spotlight and then are wedded with some well chosen words to demonstrate the sound of the letter. Like for Letter M "Many mumbling mice are making midnight music in the moonlight ... mighty nice."

Reese has always love books. One of his all time favourite is Spot the Dog series. We have about 7 or 8 books on this series. One of the fun things to do is opening and closing little flaps in the books. Reese learned a lot of new words from this series.

Looking back at all the books we have purchased for Reese even before his birth, it is already quite a collection, we have close to 100 books or maybe more... no time to count. One of these days... I am going to take a picture of them.. :) for memory sick. In the coming months I will be reviewing more books that I will be reading with Reese and perhaps you can also share them with your children.


Baby Darren said...

I envy...really envy that Reese loves reading with you. You really did a good job in getting his interest in the story books.

How I wish Darren loves books too. I am having problem with Darren looking at books. He seems to lose interest with books nowadays, not even allowed me to open and read the books. Even when I am doing my own reading, he would take away my book. SIGH!!!

I am looking into some homeschooling programs for preschoolers and am searching for some good books to start reading with Darren. Thanks for sharing with us the good books that u have and i'll try to see whether I can find them in the local bookstore or not...

A gift from God said...

Baby Darren,

Don't lose hope... he will eventually take an interest when he is older. Reese didn't allow me to read him the stories until recently! I am using Sonlight Homeschooling program. I have a link on my blog that you can go check out.

As for the books, you can try borders. Dr. Seuss books and Spot the dog series can be found in both borders and MPH. Start with those first. Maybe should start with Spot the dog because it has flaps..

Maybe with flaps he will take an interest since he gets to play a little. :)

Just keep trying and all children are different!