Wednesday, February 04, 2009

28 Months Milestones

Gosh... time flies isn't it?

Just a quick update on my boy's milestones:

Vocabulary - learning more and more and I lost count some months back. He uses big words too like chandelier , eskekerter (escalator), beautiful, cocoon etc... :)

Speech - Very impressive lately. He speaks in sentences 95% of the time. He uses alot of adjectives. Sometimes in one sentence he can use as many as 3 adjectives to describe a noun. :) He also uses adverbs to describe verbs!!

Pronunciation - Getting very good at it. Even strangers can understand what he says.

Phonics - He already mastered all the sounds of the alphabets. I need to move on to diphthongs.

Chinese Language - He knows over 30 words and learning some adjectives and verbs.

Rhymes - He can recite Humpty Dumpty, Peas Porridge, Twinkle twinkle little star, Jack and Jill completely.

Songs - Can't really sing in tune yet but can recite alot of the lyrics like Wheels on the bus, row row your boat, head and shoulders etc...

Counting - Can recite up to 29 and with help can also recite up to 39. He can count up to about 5. Real counting. :) He understand what many and more are.

Read Aloud time: He has shown interest in me reading stories to him. So I have started on one of the homeschool books I bought for him. He seems to enjoy it and eagerly participate with the reading aloud....

Play: Can play on his own for at least 15 minutes. Has better attention span. Willing to play with other children if they are jumping and running around or even shouting...that is fun to him. :)

Physical: He runs very fast, he can jump quite well. Last check he was able to jump at least 6 inches above ground. He can balance on one foot. He can do summersault on the bed and continues to use our mattress as his trampoline. He can shake his butt and his hand eye coordination is getting very good too. He is working on his fine motor skills alot these days.

Social Skills: Getting better, will happily play with other children and adults. Not afraid of strangers. Warms up very quickly. :)

Fine motor skills: He is learning how to take off and put on his pants and shoes. He is able to feed himself quite well using a spoon. He can open doors by turning the knob. He can easily pickup the smallest item on the floor. He can string through holes.

Potty training: In progress... :)

Self Feeding: Alot of Improvement. Can feed himself pasta, cereal, biscuits, cheese and drink from straw or cup.

Food: Drinks more milk and eat bigger portion! He is exploring with other food that he used to refuse like rice (now for fun he will take a spoon full or two from us), he eats green peas! and a variety of noodles whether fried or cook in soup. He now takes oranges and apples (he likes both now that he can chew better) oh...he also takes watermelon.

Weight and height: Hubby said he is about 17kgs now... as for height we are in the dark.

Character: Eeerrr... still too early to tell. At this stage, we are experiencing the so called terrible two stage... at times it can get worse... no words to describe that. He can be very demanding and so far, we can see that he is not the dominant type. He is very mild, not very expressive and can be easily bullied. He is smart (ahem... sorry... all parents will tell you that...hehehe) and pick up things very quickly. He is also very cheeky and playful.

Emotions: Eeerr.. till today, if either one of us pretends to be sad or cry... Reese don't feel a thing. He will continue to play without being bothered. :(

Demands: When we travel on the road, he will demand to go to a certain road or go through tunnels or a bridge and etc... He recognise the route home, to my parents place, shopping malls... the moment we change our route... he will know and demands to get back to the original route!
He likes to tell us what he wants and what he wants to do. If demand not met, well.. he will kick up a fuss and he has learnt to shout and then scream.

Drama king: My boy has learnt the art of acting. It is so obvious. When he wants something and demand not met, he will show you a pitiful face with a pitiful voice...and I tell you.. it's like a pro doing it, one second he was happy and the next he will be the sad little boy... Once he did this and we can't help it but laugh at him, he too finds it funny and immediately stop acting and laughed with us!

Creativity/Imagination: I find that Reese is not very imaginative or creative when he plays. He hardly pretends to be somebody or pretend things around him to be something else. Maybe he is still young? not sure...


Leona said...

Well done, Mummy!
Well done, Reese!
Don't worry about the pretend play... it will develop later. Somehow, i find girls are more imaginative in that area.

Moomykin said...

Good record!

Actually you can more or less gauge their personality traits, although the character is still being developed.

For one, you can tell if a child is an introvert or extrovert, and that usually determines their interest and developments.