Monday, June 02, 2008

20 months

Ah...Reese turn 20 months on Saturday. He has grown so much that it's difficult to keep track on a lot of things.... :)

Height: Over 85 cm

Weight: Probably close to 14kgs or slightly less

Movements: Started to play with his fingers, trying to position them in different ways, can jump, can sprint, run very well, still walk with a bit of tip toeing, can shake his body side to side, squade, can move his hands and arms in all directions, more agile now and can climb quite well. Loves to do hand and body actions when watching his CDs. He is able to walk up stairs unaided but coming down still needs help.

Speech: talking in 2 to 3 words phases, able to say 2 to 3 sllyabus words. Vocabulary, I must say... it's actually about 160 to 200 words...

Food: Very choosy with his main meals, and eating less because alot of the food I prepare for him, he will reject or eat very little. It takes over an hour to feed him 60% of the time. Thank God he still likes his fruits and cereal and yogurt.

Teeth: Currently has 8 teeth and 3 on it's way!

Temper: mmmm... whine when he doesn't get what he wants. Cries only when really necessary. So far no sigh of being stubborn. I would consider him mild temper.

Character: mmmm.... can't really see anything yet...but I must say... he is very cautious with whatever he does...especially when it's something new. He is also a cheeky little boy.

Reese can count from 1 to 12. Alphabets... he knows all and now is learning the sound of the alphabets. Likes to listen to songs and trys to sing. He understands us better when we communicate with him.

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