Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day on Weight lost program
Ah.. It was really good. First thing in the morning, did some simple stretches and then 15 minutes on the stationary bike. Had vege and fish for lunch, snack was high protein and low fat cereal with low fat milk and dinner was two pieces of KFC and water melon... ok..suppose to remove the skin..but I only did that on one piece of chicken..hehe..
Today same routine, exercise on the bike for 15 minutes then breafast was cereal with milk and lunch I had egg, vege and a little fish meat. Dinner going to cook chicken chop and steam brocoli and carrots followed by fruits. Oh...I am going to the gym for my weight training too!
Really hope to lose 20kgs in six months!


andrewjune said...

a VERY GOOD start!

Ann said...

Good for you!!! Make full use of the stationary bike!

KFC....don't know why I have been having cravings for fried chicken recently!

thewallah said...

Keep it up momma!

Here's some advice for weight management:

1. Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate [214 x (0.8 x age)]
2. Maintain exercise levels between 60-70% of your Maximum Heart Rate

Working out at different percentages of your MHR will have different gains.

Exercise activity must be maintained at minimum 30mins at target heart rate. Anything less is not effective.

Your gym instructor must know this otherwise he's probably cra*.

A gift from God said...

Thanks Papa-to-be!

Working on it.... :)

Anonymous said...

Eating KFC during a weight loss programme? Keep up the good work. HAHA!!