Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I look horrible!!

AHHHHHH..... so frustrating... I am getting fatter and fatter... went to Lake Gardens last weekend with Reese, hubby and in-laws. Hubby took alot of photos and 2 nights ago, while sorting out the photos... I was really really sad. I saw myself in the photos...I loooookkkk sooo horrible...fat fat and totally different from what I used to be!!!

I need help... I need you readers to be my witnesses... I am determine to lose 20kgs in the next 6 months. I really must do something... I am always depressed when it comes to buying clothes.. I hate seeing myself in the mirror... I used to be quite pretty... before I got married...haha... now.. aiyo... just horrible.. I always have a weight problem..and now it's totally out of control!

I now weight about 72 kgs!!!! before I got married, I was 56kgs. That was 4 years ago. This time I am so sick of myself... I love to dress up and all..but can't because of my weight.... I want to be stylish... I want to be pretty, feel good about myself... but right now... I just hate myself and feels shameful...

Next Monday onwards, I am going to start an exercise plus diet program. By 6th of November, I want to weight 52kgs!! I must succeed this time!! No more excuses...

Support me my reminding me every now and then in my posts related to my weight lost program!!! Every Sunday (starting next week) I will be reporting on my progress and share with you some of the things I do to lose weight and if you have any good tips on weight lost... do share..... :)

No women like sharing about their weight problems and let alone how telling you their actual weight! I am trying to be brave here. :)

This is my plan, I want to lose about 3 to 4 kgs a month by exercising, weight training with a trainer and dieting. I am going to miss my food. I love food and it's going to be the toughest part to tackle! I need to get hubby to do the same...he needs to lose about 4 kgs... He needs to exercise for health reasons... Ah.. the remainder days of this week... I am going eat alot of food..haha..

Now that I have a plan, I am all excited and feel a tiny bit happier!!


Ann said...


Some tips I use.
1) Of course exercise
2) Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
3) Maybe try a lemon + maple syrup meal replacement for 3 days.
4) Don't eat any of what Reese eats! :)

You will achieve your target!

A gift from God said...


lemon and maple syrup meal? how does it work?

andrewjune said...

does ann means only liquid for 3 days? how could anyone possible survive with only liquid???

anyway, i've been in your shoes...and i know how it feels! believe me, if you have the desire, the will, the perseverance and the determination, you will finally get whatever you want to!

i thk to lose 4 kgs in a month is quite impossible...i really hope you dont starve is not healthy...

what you can start doing is to go for exercices (stationary bike is the BEST way to lose the extra kgs!) then normally whatever portion you eat, try reducing it into half...BUT NEVER, EVER starve yourself then go exercise! end of the day you will be weak then fall sick easily!

losing weight is never easy but it is possible! GOOD LUCK and i know you can do it!
you have all my support besides Ann!

A gift from God said...


Don't know about the liquid diet.. but I know I cannot survive...haha...

And don't worry... no intention to starve myself... I am doing weight training, exercise and a change of my diet... basically to eliminate carbo for and increase my protein intake... Already started far so good... will see how...hehe

andrewjune said...

*clap clap* it's a great start...can reduce the rice intake & hv more vegetables & fruits...the fibre is good to avoid constipation as well!