Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day

It's coming... are you excited? I am not actually. :)

Why? I guess because it hasn't really sunk in that I am a mother and Reese is too young to understand the meaning of mother's day. Anyway... It's not really a big deal. It has become so commercialized that I don't find it special anymore. In fact.... alot of special days are no longer that special anymore. My sister and I used to make or buy cards for my mother together with a gift. It is something we look forward to. I will write words of love to her and certain things in my heart that I was not able to tell her face to face. It is always a joy to watch her open up her present. The past few years, mother's Day was celebrated with a dinner and a small gift and not much excitement. Last year, we had a simple dinner and my sister on behalf of Reese, got me a pink carnation. It was really lovely but I still find it hard to believe that I am a mother! I just don't feel that I deserve to be honored...hahaha

So this year, I am planning a family dinner and hopefully I can cook up a storm.... ;) and I am going to buy a card and write words of love to my mother again. Maybe for myself I will get a big bouquet of flowers on behalf of Reese?? *wink* .....

Some mothers wanted to spend Mother's Day away from their kids for once (totally understandable) but I just want to be with family. I want us all to have a nice dinner and chat and laugh and enjoy Reese together.

Ps: While writing this post, I realized that I miss my maternal grandmother. Ama.. I love you always.


Ann said...

I am not excited either! Most likely it will pass by like any other day for me!

andrewjune said...

well, it will be my first time celebrating as a mother :-) and i'm pretty excited about it!
have not thought of what plans yet...but i will thk of something when the time comes!

A gift from God said...


Maybe we will wish each other on MSN..haha..


Ah..first mother's day...hope you have a good one... :)

Moomykin said...

I think while our moms are still with us, and our kids are still so young, Mothers Day is still pretty much for us to celebrate in gratitude to our own mothers. :)

Happy cooking.