Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waiting for Box Day!

Last week, we finally ordered Reese's homeschooling books from Sonlight. I am very excited. Can't wait for Box Day (The day the boxes of books arrive). Just to give you an idea how much we spent on materials for homeschooling this year.

From Sonlight:

USD364.99 - Core K Program
USD108.77 - Grade K Science
USD65.66 - Grade 1 Math
USD26.99 - Science Kit
USD64.92 - Miscellaneous like world map and other books.

Total USD 568.197 (After 10% discount)
Shipping is 22% of total cost and a few dollars more for fuel surcharge.
So our grand total came to about USD696.70

From Barns and Noble:
USD39.00 Critical thinking books and activities for Grade 1-3

From Scholastic:
USD12.00 Various E-books (Sale at USD1 per E-book until end of this month!! Go check it out)

So as you can see, we have paid over RM2300 plus on Reese's books for this year's homeschooling. Crazy isn't it? Shipping cost is really expensive. We haven't factor in other costing like playschool fees, enrichment classes (intend to enroll him for football and Performing Arts) and miscellaneous.

So homeschooling is not cheap but if done right, it's even better and so much cheaper than the best international schools available in Malaysia where you have to pay more than RM60k a year!!


Luke said...

Yes, shipping costs are crazy. Still, as you point out, even with all that--and buying tons of books--it's still less expensive than other options... by a huge margin [smile].

Looking forward to cheering with you on Box Day. If you get pictures, and are willing to share them, I'd love to post your story on our Box Day blog. If you're up for it [smile].


A gift from God said...

Hey Luke,

You can share my box day experience on your box day blog!