Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretend Play involving Nature...

Having fun making ice-cream

Plucking buds and flowers with a kid he met at the playground

Reese decorated this bowl of ice-cream

More ice-cream with flowers and buds

I wish I could bring Reese to the playground more often. There are so much fun to be had. He enjoys the company of other children. Reese has become very friendly towards other children. Any children he meets, he will claimed that they are his friends and will go up to them and ask them to play. About a week ago, while playing at Borders, he met a girl and became instant friends and they played for a good hour or more together. They were pretending to be Wendy and Peter Pan flying in the universe! Then they requested to go to Curve's children's playground and after that together with the girl's grandaunt we accompany them to E@Curve..... They were so sweet. Holding hands and playing together and refused to part at the end! Exchanged contact no with the girl's grandaunt! Crazy eh?


MommyAngel said...

Seems like he is having so much fun! Ya ... playing outdoor is definitely fun then indoor :) But hor .... you have to replaced his play dough quite often then coz I bet sand are all over them after the play? Hehehehehe ..... my girl's play dough is full of dust too after the play even inside the house :(

No mosquitoes?

Leona said...

Sigh...i wish Ryan was sociable like Reese! Ryan completely clams up whenever faced with strangers. Not to say...even with his own cousins!