Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Box Day!

Our books have arrived! I have been tracking the two packages since a week ago and finally FedEx man came to my aunt's place. I think I am more excited than Reese! :) After checking the contents... I knew the decision to homeschool him is right. The materials are wonderful. This year's theme is 'An Introduction to the World: Culture'. What is nice about this program is that learning is through life books and not text books! Instead of reading from boring text, we get to read stories and more stories related to the theme and learn in a natural way with some supplementary worksheets.

Reese was so excited when I took out all the books!

Checking what else is in the box

'Reading' a map in the box

Our loot for the year!

Checking out the books...

Can't wait to read! This was taken when it first arrived at my aunt's house

**Luke, if you are reading this, you are most welcome to post it on your boxday blog. Thank your mom and dad for me for coming up with such a wonderful program! :)

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Luke said...

Happy Box Day! And thanks so much for letting me share it on our Box Day blog as well. You can find your post reposted here.

I look forward to following along with your homeschool adventures this year [smile].

Thanks again!