Tuesday, January 18, 2011

108 Pieces and a Success!

So after discovering that Reese has an interest in puzzle and successfully completed the 64 pcs 3D puzzle, I decided to challenge him with a more difficult puzzle.

After browsing all the wonderful puzzles at Puzzle World, we bought Reese a 108 pieces glow in the dark Disney puzzle. I was a little skeptical whether he can do it. After all, this puzzle did not come with a board (makes it easier for kids to fix the puzzle). The pieces were really small. Reese was very excited though.

After his nap, we immediately went to work. We had to teach him to sort out the similar pieces into groups. Then work on the borders of the puzzle. So after completing it for the 4th time with our help, he can now fix the puzzle on his own in less than 1 hour. He really loves his puzzle. Will at least do it once a day! I did tell him jokingly that he needs to do the puzzle at least 20 times so that it's worth the money we pay for it! The puzzle was RM50.

Maybe next time we can attempt a 200 pieces puzzle.... hehehe... then probably in a year's time, I can buy a 3000 or 5000 pieces puzzle to fix with Reese and hubby! I actually love fixing puzzles. It can be quite addictive. In our home, we have quite a few puzzle sets nicely framed up and on the wall as part of our interior decoration.

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