Monday, January 10, 2011

Reese's Art Gallery and is He Really Gifted?

Reese's very own gallery!

Picture on the left shows a very tall Christmas tree next to some buildings with flags and some hot air balloons in the air, fireworks in the sky. Picture on the right is Mickey Mouse Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland with fireworks display.

A hotel and some buildings and fireworks display.

Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC). You can see lots of ornaments and lanterns with lots of trees. Quite close to the real thing except that he as way too many ornaments..

A construction site according to Reese. Building a hotel and you can see scaffolding with workmen everywhere. Safety helmets included.


This one quite interesting. It's a flood! With lightning and heavy rain, buildings being swept away and bridge broke into halves!

Some building with lots of flags and next to coconut trees.

A temple with lanterns.

Fireworks and with trees decorated with flag lines. See how he tried to show the flag lines curled round the tree and a building?

Pirate ship with lots of cannons complete with a chain and anchor. Right below the surface of the sea you can see corals, jelly fish and fishes. You can also see islands with trees!

He never likes to draw people but after watching Peter Pan, he is beginning to draw people. Can you see John with a hat and umbrella and Peter Pan with his cap and feather? Cute right?

He is also into drawing leaves, flowers, trees and even roots!

Reese started drawing sometime in May 2010. It's been 9 months and he has improved alot in his drawing skills. All self taught. We never interfere. We supported him with lots of praises and supplying him with all the necessary art supplies and workspace. He draws an average of 4 to 6 sheets (both sides) a day. In his drawing now, we can see he is exploring proportion and perspective of the things he drew. For example, he will draw things smaller when they are far away.

Can you see what is in this picture? He drew Mr. F's house floating behind a big tree! How clever is that? I mean for a 4 year old to do that? Amazing right?

I have someone telling me that my son's drawing skill is equivalent to a 7 year old. I also have a parent who thinks that my son is gifted in art. I have been searching the internet for comparable art work by 4 year olds and indeed most 4 year olds do not draw like him and he does show signs/ characteristic of a gifted child.

Not only is he good at drawing, he is also very advance in Math (almost completing Grade K) and Language (Read at Grade 1+ level and can spell very well, his memory is superb. He is not even 4 and half years old yet.

I have been thinking alot. Should I have my son tested formally to confirm whether he is really gifted? Or should I just wait and see. Testing is very expensive and it won't change anything anyway for now. Probably next year I will let him take SCAT and see whether he will be eligible to take a distance learning course offered by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth or Stanford University's Education for Gifted Youth. Because I am homeschooling, it is good to have support from reputable institutions and it also add weight to Reese's portfolio for University entrance in the future. I still don't know whether I will be able to homeschool him all the way. I am taking it one step at a time.

***Do you think Reese is gifted in art? You can see more of his work under the Art Category on the left. Do tell me what you think. Oh, do you know any psychologist friends/ qualified art teachers who can give us some advice? Do refer Reese's art to them yeah! Thanks***


mumsgather said...

I think he is. His attention to detail is amazing. And he has a style all his own. I see many drawings and colourings posted on blogs with beautiful, really beautiful artworks by little ones. However, they mostly look the same. Like from the same art school. But not Reese's. I can see his individuality and unique style. I don't know how but you should hone his talent somehow.

A gift from God said...


I agree with you about beautiful artworks by little ones with the same style that is taught by art schools. It's quite sad actually, many parents are sending their young kids to art classes. They do not understand that at this stage, children should be allowed to freely explore art on their own with no formal instruction.

As for honing his talent? Well, will let him continue to do draw to his heart content with no interference until much later. :)

mommibee said...

Hi, hv been a silent reader of ur blog for quite awhile. I believe ur boy is gifted or highly intelligent. He not only draws well but the message he conveys in his drawings are amazing - the perspective, his understanding ... it shows in his drawings. And the fact that he could read and spell at his age. My girl is 4yrs 7mths and she doesn't even come close to drawing what ur boy does.

A gift from God said...

Dear Mommibee,

First a hello :)
Thank you for commenting. We have got some confirmation from a Professor that Reese is indeed gifted in Art. I will block about it soon and also look out for another blog post on daily draw as a another form of language for children! :)