Friday, January 14, 2011

A gifted Child

A couple of days ago, I wrote to a Professor Emiritus in Art Education from the University of British Columbia about Reese's art and general behaviour. This is what he wrote:

Dear Florence Wong: Thanks for the wonderful introduction to your son's drawings and paintings. Yes, he is certainly gifted and I would assume this simply by reading your comments about his drawing behavior. But the drawings are certainly advanced for his age. It just happens that I am writing a Drawing Network pamphlet on preschoolers just now. Would you and your husband be willing to let me reproduce one or more of his drawings to illustrate this pamphlet and, as well, perhaps quote you now or in a future Drawing Network publication?
From your description, you are doing exactly what should be done, that is, providing a warm and loving atmosphere for his explorations with drawing tools. You are also wise to keep a record as you...

I finally have confirmation from a professional. No more guessing Reese's ability in Art. Now, will just wait another year for him to take SCAT and see whether he will accepted into Centre for Talented Youth (John Hopkins University) or Education for Gifted Youth (Stanford University).

Exciting times ahead!


mommibee said...

Congratulations! When I first stumbled on ur blog several months ago, I even told my hubs that ur boy must be gifted and that he had to look at Reese's artwork!

MommyAngel said...

Congrats! He is gifted indeed! Looks at those details in his drawings .... I am really amazed!

LittleLamb said...

Praise God. Reese is so talented. I m happy for both of you. and yes, if you have spotted his talent, nurture it..he will be even better.

A gift from God said...

Dear Mummies,

Thank you so much. I am really proud of my son. :)

I will definitely work harder to crack my head to nurture him in areas that he is good at and at the same time give him a wonderful balance childhood!