Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reward System Again...

Yesterday I could see that Reese really made an effort to behave at school except for 1 little incident where he shed a little bit of tears (probably false). I also made an effort by being extra nice to him and control my temper and not scold him at all (I have been impatient and constantly raising my voice, scolding him for the past few months! Bad mummy!).

I called school once to check on Reese and reminded him to be good. On the phone he said, "Mummy, I am good!". I was so happy. Then less than an hour later, a call from school came! I was fearing the worst! When I answered the call, I can hear Reese's cracked up voice. He said, "Mummy, I am sad. Aunty XX took away my toy. *sniff sniff*. I asked him what happened and he said, " I was naughty. I cried." *Smile* He was afraid that I will take away his reward for the day! That is why he called me!

Before going to school, I told him that from now on, each day he will be rewarded with a star for good behaviour at school. These stars will be converted to 'Mickey Mouse coins' for him to buy Minnie Mouse and some other toys at Hong Kong Disneyland (Going for a short family vacation end of February).

So far, yesterday was a good day. He was happy throughout the day and actually did not whine at all. In fact, whatever I told him to do, he did it with a cheerful 'OK'. I was in a good mood too. He was also rewarded with an ice-cream from my aunt! What a pampered child. :)

Even the teachers at school were happy that he behaved. It was really a good day.

So... I hope today will be equally good! If things don't work out well in the next 2 months, I will take Reese out of school to avoid further stress on him.

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