Saturday, January 15, 2011

Read Aloud Books

This is one of the read-aloud that Reese can read on his own very well

2 years ago I bought our first homeschooling materials for Reese. It came with many wonderful read aloud books to be enjoyed with little ones. Now Reese can read some of these read-aloud books on his own. He not only reads them but will read them with lots of expression! It's really funny.

I have two kinds of books at home. We have readers and read-aloud books. Readers are books appropriate for Reese to read on his own with my help. It's for reading practice. Read-aloud books are meant to be read by us to him for enjoyment. Stories are more elaborate and reading level is way beyond his level.

Needless to say, he prefers read-aloud books because it does not require any effort on his part! :)

I am glad he is beginning to enjoy reading on his own without me prompting him. Usually I will take his readers and have to point at the sentences for him to read, at most time he prefers to just browse the books! He loves read-aloud the best.

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