Sunday, July 03, 2011

Leaving School...

After much thinking and consideration, we will stop sending Reese to kindy by end of October.

Some might ask why stop schooling at age 5? Reason is very simple. He is not benefitting from it. Teachers were unable to persuade him to do academic work. Reese's academic level is above what school can provide him. Reese doesn't join most of the activities. Besides playing with the toys/materials, he draws and reads on his own. The new batch of students who came to his school were all 3 and 4 year olds. Most of them hardly knows ABCs.... there is even one that always bullies Reese!

Reese will be fully homeschooled and I will spend less time working (less income for the family!). I am very excited about it but at the same time a little worried about Reese being lonely.

I am going to try to enroll him for some enrichment programs so that he will have social interaction. The reality is he cannot take instructions well in a group environment. Performing arts school rejected him and Takwondo didn't work out either. I still have 2 more options to try, gymnastic and football!

I also arrange play dates for Reese and hopefully it will help. :) He now has a few friends that he goes skating with on alternate weeks which is great. Next week he will start Sunday school at his kindy and hopefully he will fit in well.

He is actually behaving better at school. Less complaints from teachers. A sign of maturity? Should I keep my appointment with the developmental pediatrician in August? Ah.... any suggestions? Saving a few hundred ringgit would be good! hehehe..


Ann said...


Reckon don't need to send unless it would be over a longer period of time. Like the last, a one time visit and then a deduction? Seems kinda over/under stated.

Since you are able to teach Reese and help him yourself, he would definitely get better in time. We are all born with great instincts and capability to help our kids anyway. And I really believe you can do it.

justpassingby said...

You might want to consider introducing more structure into your homeschooling. If Reese has a problem following instructions (as in obeying) you might want to introduce clearer boundaries and consequences. If his EQ devt is that of a 2yo, then you just need to be more consistent in your "training", as it were, of helping him to respect boundaries and structure. A bit at first, but more and more, until he is more aware of the need to abide by the rules or structure of a class. It seems to me that Reese might not have been introduced to boundaries enough - that he is far too used to mummy following his lead all the time - if he's not interested, you will change the topic, if he wants to do something on his bed rather than at his desk, you allow him to. There is a fine line between not stifling someone and being too lax that the child does not know at all how to function when there are rules.

I hope that helps. :)

A gift from God said...


Thank you. Just feeling a little insecure. :)


Schooling at home is totally fine. In fact, I do not have problems getting him to do work. He can sit with me for more than an hour to do academic work. :)

The teachers are the ones having problems. We are training him by being more firm. We do have boundaries and we do follow through with punishment and all.

Thanks for dropping by.... and you have 3 beautiful kids...gosh... having one is already a headache for me! ;)

LittleLamb said...

Since u r HS him, I think its fine. Just remember to send him for some playgroup or enrichment classes for interaction as well as subjects u r not familiar.

MeRy said...

homeschooling is totally need to keep him least let him mingle with other kids around and be socialize.

Leona said...

It is a difficult decision that u made..but I can see that u have weighed every aspect about homeschooling Reese first. There will be some sacrifices..since u will be working less..but probably more rewarding.
You are on the right track...all the best!

A gift from God said...

Thank you mummies.... it really makes a difference reading your encouragement! :)

BabyBooned said...

u know how i feel about homeschooling; i'm a big supporter of it, just that i know i cant do it myself. personal choices are difficult to accept sometimes but u gotta do whats best for reese and i salute u for it.

the other day i saw a group of kids at kiara park and i made small talk with a mum that was there. seems that they're a group of homeschooled kids that get together for activities. i'm sure before long u'll figure out something similar for reese ;)

A gift from God said...

Thanks BabyBooned!