Thursday, July 28, 2011

Using Google as a learning tool

Many parents boast how good their young kids are with electronic devices like operating the TV and CD players, opening certain websites like Youtube on the computer and play their favourite videos. Is this good? Well, it depends on how you see it. To me, I only teach what is really necessary. Till today, Reese doesn't know how to operate the remote controls for the TV and players. :) I do not want him to freely turn on the TV. Unfortunately, he found out how to use the air-con remote control and turns on the air-con as and when he feels like it!

The same goes with using the computer. I only teach him what I feel is necessary. Lately, I taught him how to do Google search. He loves to view images and videos of his favourite subjects. Now that he can read and spell, it is about time for him to learn to use Google as a learning tool. I always tried to sit next to him while he searches for images or videos. Don't want him to have access to undesirable materials.

Having an iPad is really great too. It is a wonderful learning tool. There are many free learning tools that explain, demonstrate, show beautiful pictures and videos and etc... It can be quite overwhelming at times but it's really good! Learning has never been this fun during my time.

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