Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great Readers Makes a Good Reader

I invest heavily in good books. There are so many great books out there and we will never be able to read them all. For young children learning to read, it is important to buy them the right books. Guided readers are really good. They have appropriate levels to guide the child through different stages of their reading. Readers are great to build confident readers. Never buy a book that is too difficult for a child to read. Go with readers that the child can read and let them enjoy the stories. Increase the difficulty level slowly. Not only do you want your child to be able to read but also comprehend what he reads. Always ask questions or have discussion with your child after he finishes his reading. This help to ensure he understands what he reads and also pick up new vacabulary.

Some of my personal favourite guided readers are from Random House. You can find some of these readers in our local bookstore. If I am not wrong, it is retailing at RM14.90. They have both fiction and non-fiction tittles but limitted. I bought almost all the Stage 4 titles and they are all great.

Usborne Young Reading series is also quite good. They have both fiction and non-fiction. It's only RM11.90 per book(hard cover). They have quite a large selection of titles and are easily available in MPH. Bought both Series two and three readers for Reese. I like the illustration and they do have some interesting non-fiction tittles. We even bought some classics like Around the World in 80 Days, Ulysses and etc.

Another one is I Can Read series. Has over 200 tittles. Mostly fiction.

Do you know our national library is a great place to get these books? Do check it out. You can check online whether they have a certain titles before going there to borrow. I think each person can borrow up to 3 books for 3 weeks. I haven't been there but I did visit their online portal. Quite friendly. Most titles I look for they seems to have it :)

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