Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Typical Day...

We get to stay home till 4pm before going to my aunt's place for my classes. I love Mondays because there is no rush to get things done. We will have breakfast and then do our schooling. After that, we will go to the playground. After an hour, we head home and clean up. Reese will then draw or read on his own while I prepare lunch or sometimes, we will head out to the neighbourhood and have lunch.

Tuesdays to Thursdays
First thing in the morning he gets up he will take a book and sit quietly on the sofa to read or he goes to his drawing table and draws. Then he has his breakfast, brush his teeth and gets ready for school. In the car, he will read or sometimes he gets to play the Ipad.

After school, he will eat lunch with me and after that we go to my aunt's place (my teaching place). Reese takes a quick shower and then we will do Math and English worksheets. After that it is free time. He is allowed to do anything he wants. Usually he will draw or play. Then he takes a nap. After nap, more Ipad playing/drawing or sometimes he gets to play with neighbours' kids. After my classes end we go home.

Once home, he will draw, play with toys or read with me (Science/social studies or readers). After an hour or so, he gets ready for bed and reads his bible story book. Then quiet time for about half hour before he drifts off to la la land.

Every Friday after school Reese gets to go to his maternal grandparents' home for a few hours to play while mummy works.

Saturdays & Sundays
He watches a little bit of TV in the morning and plays the Ipad, draws, plays with toys and reads. We usually go out for meals and some window shopping at malls.