Thursday, July 21, 2011

At Play with Neighbourhood Kids

Yesterday evening, I took Reese to the playground to play. There were about 3 to 4 kids his age playing together. Reese immediately went and joined them. They were playing fishing using a yo-yo as a fishing rod. So I went near the kids to observe.

The first kid said "I going catch golden fish".
The second kid said " I want 'litter' fish".
The third kid said "I want a fish".

and so everyone took turns to fish. It's always golden fish, 'litter' fish and fish but when it comes to Reese's turn to fish, it's different.

Reese said " I want to catch a shark!"/ "I caught a shell fish" / "I caught a crab" / "I am catching a cuttle fish" / "I caught a Dory fish!" / "I caught a prawn.. shrimps..."

I can see a vast difference between Reese and the kids. Luckily Reese is the easy going type. He communicates with the kids mostly through actions. Half the time they don't understand what he says because of language barrier. Most of the neigbourhood kids speaks Mandarin or broken English. I just hope Reese doesn't pick up the 'lah' and Manglish.


Daddy Parenting Tips said...

Just 4 months going to school at age 3.5 years old, Haruka has picked up Singlish, lah, only one etc from her 2 girlfriends. I think girls are more impressionistic and find certain expressions cute especially if they adore certain friends.

A gift from God said...


You will be surprised that boys are impressionistic too! Whether it is Singlish or Manglish... it will affect the way they write in proper English and bad habits are hard to get rid!:)