Thursday, July 28, 2011


We went to IKEA to get additional shelves. Reese's homeschooling corner is expanding. Books are overflowing and no where to put. His little corner has expanded and has taken half of the living room! With the new bookshelves, they should be sufficient to hold his homeschooling books for the next two years or so! In a few months we will be ordering two years worth of homeschooling materials to take advantage of the lowest shipping rate. It has gone up to 19% if we purchase above USD900. We are saving money!! It's going to be around RM4k plus.... *faint* Anyone wants to contribute? :)

Early this year we bought these but they are no longer sufficient. So now, it has become his toy storage area

Our new shelves! We even put up a few pictures of Reese when he was a baby

Now our living room is divided into two

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