Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sushi and Peeing....

Random things I want to record down. My son has taken a liking to Sushi. I have someone to eat sushi with now! Yeah! My dear hubby doesn't like it. :)

Yesterday, I started to train Reese to pee standing (Yes, all these years... he pees sitting). I thought it's going to be a struggle but surprise surprise.... my son did not protest and just promptly change position and hold his birdie calmly and pee. We did have a little accident in the evening when his aiming was out and pee shot all over the toilet! Looks like my threats about not bringing him to Florence if he can't pee standing works! :)
My son is getting more matured lately. Behaves well at school, rarely gets complaints from teachers. He is also playing better with other kids. I am really happy about it.
At home, doing Math worksheets is no longer a struggle as he will willingly sit and do it with me. Not that he doesn't know, it's just that he is lazy to think! bah!

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