Saturday, July 30, 2011

Emperor At Work

Doing his math and insisted on wearing his 'robe'

Mom, I am not teacher Reese, I am emperor now!

"I am the Emperor" declared Reese. This week, he is the emperor of China. We are all from China. He calls me Chinese woman. He is Chinese boy at times. He tells daddy you are part of the family and we all live in the Forbidden City. He wears a 'robe' everywhere in the house. It's one of those old batik dresses he found in my mom's place. He talks about everything China. He told me about Porcelain Tower of Nanjing (seriously, I don't even know what this is until I read about it!), the Great Wall of China, we read 'A story about Ping' that talks about the Yangtze river.

First time at Sushi King and really enjoyed his sushi

Last week he was into Japan. He asked me whether all Chinese people can eat wasabi! He talks about Torri gate, Tokyo Tower and of course sushi. He has been asking his daddy to try sushi. He claims that it is good for him! Hahaha...

Neuschwanstein Castle

Just last Sunday, we were at Popular bookstore and Reese and his dad were looking at some miniature building blocks. There were a few structures and one of them was a castle. Reese asked his daddy what is the name of the castle. The daddy tried to read the name which was in German and because it was a German name, he did not pronounce it right. Guess what? Reese stopped his dad from pronouncing it and CORRECTED his pronunciation of that word (Neuschwanstein castle)! Daddy was a little surprised. So he asked Reese whether he knows where the castle is and Reese promptly told him that it was from Germany! Daddy was really surprised. Hahahaha...

You can find this book at Popular Bookstore for RM15.95

Geo Walk ipad app

My dear son has been reading this book '1000 Words Around the World' and playing an iPad App call Geo Walk. Both the book and app gave him a wealth of information on countries around the world.


Anonymous said...


Can you please provide the author of the book or the ISBN number of 1000 Words Around the World. I have been looking for it but can not locate it.

Curious Parent

Anonymous said...

ooh.. we have the same book and Dylan loves it.


CL said...

hahaha... it is not easy to pronoun the German word...

thanks for dropping by...