Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Stories through drawings II

My dear son is drawing a lot than usual. He draws about games, landmarks, imaginary stories... below are some of his latest drawings. His habit is to draw and explain his drawing at the same time. Each picture usually takes 10 - 15 minutes to finish. Everything he draws are entirely from memory. It's just amazing to see each month his progress in drawing. This batch we saw him experimenting with fonts and also comic style dialogue boxes.

Inspired by Landmarks/Books/Movies

Japan. Sushi shop, celebration rocket, Torri gate and 20th Century Fox (decoration)

Rio - Christ the Redeemer

A city in China. See the Great Wall?

Pompeii - This time the structures are drawn in a more realistic manner

Flowers and mountains

Castle drawn in an interesting angle


China - temple and lion dance

Hotels and shops (see the signboards) Titanic in the background

Italy - Florence


Mary, Mary quite contrary...

Israelites crossing the Red Sea

Inspired by Games

Plants Vs Zombies

UFO Attack - Sim City

Tower Madness


Started to write dialogues in his drawing

Check out the different fonts he wrote in. On the left, he uses dots to make out the word BtA BEV, On the right top, he wrote the word CRASH! in the lighting strikes, and below some alphabets with strings attached. He is getting creative. :)

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