Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reese the Author

Reese drew some of the characters of Mr. Men and Little Miss.

Reese is really into Mr. Men. So much so he decided to create new characters. His first is Mr. Faint. He made a little booklet about him in less than 15 minutes. Did the entire thing all by himself (except mummy cut and stapled the paper for him).

Mr. Faint by Roger ....(he is trying to write cursive) Book 51
(Picture of Mr. Faint which does not exist in the collection. It's entirely a new character by Reese Matthew Kam )

One sunny day, Mr. Faint went to Washington to wash his
(See Mr. Faint holding a lot of jellies)

Jelly. Plop! Plop! Doom! Doom! Rumble! Rumble! Bbboommm!
(Plop!Plop! means jelly dropping and picture shows Washington with fireworks)

and he fainted. Onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleven he said.
(Picture shows balloons, flags -streamers, a party is going on)


Anonymous said...

haha. so cute!


Melinda Loh said...

he picked up very fast. he just got Mr. Men and Little Missy books not too long ago. :-)

A gift from God said...


I was thinking who is MK...hehehe... Thanks

He loves the books. Everyday he will pick 1-2 books and read them as and when he feels like it. :)