Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Crazy About Mr. Men and Little Miss

When I was young, I saw many of these little books in bookshops and yet I have never read any of them. About 2 weeks ago, Reese and I went to BookXcess. I casually took one of the Little Miss book and read it with Reese. We had a good laugh and since it was dirt cheap (RM2.90), I took whatever that was available on the shelf. We got 8 books in all.

Reese was one happy boy reading each one of them and laughing heartily. He loves his Little Miss books. So yesterday I took Reese to BookXcess again and we bought the box set (50 books) of Mr. Men! It retails at RM299.99 and got a 15% discount (Members' day) and RM20 voucher (buy above RM200). It's a good deal.

I love the books too. We laugh a lot and are having a good time.


Melinda Loh said...


I saw this at the Bookxcess. You may also wait for Big Bad Wolf's sale in mid Oct.

A gift from God said...

Yeah... I am trying to get the media pass! Anyway...doubt they will be selling the entire set of Mr. Men. Maybe some loose ones. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome video ! I am so amazed. I too am looking for the complete set of Mr. Men.

Curious Parent

A gift from God said...

Curious Parent,

Both Bookdepository and Amazon are selling the various box sets of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It should be cheaper for you to get them from US!