Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drawing in 3D

Yesterday Reese drew this and told us that it is Sienna, Italy. At first it looks like his usual drawings until hubby pointed out that this was drawn in 3D and aerial view of Sienna. His sense of depth and perspective is getting really good. He drew this in less than 15 minutes. It's all spontaneous drawing. I am truly amazed at his ability. A couple of days ago hubby and I were casually talking about our talent in art. Hubby said that when he was in primary, he would draw robots and sell them to his classmates! Apparently he was really good at it and got lots of requests! As for me, I was quite good at art too. I love drawing cartoons and designing stuff. I was the head of art in the editorial board when I was in secondary school. So I guess Reese did inherit some of our artistic talent? :)

Aerial view of Sienna, Italy


Linda said...

it's in the genes.. :)
I think Reese can start selling his artwork, and make money to support daddy and mummy...

A gift from God said...


You wanna buy one? :)