Saturday, August 27, 2011

Field Trip to The KL Bird Park

Reese and a classmate

My very active cheeky boy

Making faces

Pouting Lips

This boy has no fear until he got clawed by this big bird

Feeding the Lorries. At first very excited until... he got bitten!

Happiest when feeding the ostrich and Emu

Yesterday we went to KL Bird Park with his school and playgroup kids. We were there from 8.45am-1.30pm. It was fun for Reese and quite a good experience being near birds. Fed the Lorries but they became quite aggressive and Reese got bitten on the finger. Cried so much. So for those of you intending to feed the Lorries, please be careful. The birds are like vultures. 5 to 6 birds will go for the food the moment you offer them.

Reese got to feed ostriches and Emus, pat baby chicks, watch the bird show and walk a lot. Good place to bring kids. It's very cooling as well. Entire place is shaded because of the netting around the aviary. Toilets are clean and snacks and resting places are everywhere.

At the end of the trip, Reese declared that it was a good trip. He enjoyed it very much despite the biting. :)

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