Monday, August 08, 2011

Talking behind our son's back!

Sunday at Toys 'r' Us, Midvalley:

Reese playing at the miniplayground. Hubby and I watching him. Watching his silly antics and hyperness made us exchange eye contact and shake our heads. Then we started talking about our precious son.

Mummy: You know, his hands movements and dancing antics only happens when he is excited. He is just hyper and playful.

Daddy: But that is one of the signs of Aspergers Syndrome!

Mummy: Nah, he is just doing all that out of habit and him being silly. I don't think he has Aspergers. He is just he. You know him, your son is just WEIRD!

(Looking at each other we had a good laugh)

Both hubby and I have been reading about Aspergers Syndrome. There are a lot of things that Reese does seem to display signs of a gifted child with Aspergers. These children are called Twice Exceptional. Anyway.... people like Mozart, Eistein and even Bill Gates seems to have Aspergers!

We too do not want to label our child and still hope that he will mature up and be able to fit in properly in society. BUT... we just can't help wondering whether he has it or not.... hubby seems to think he has but me being with him 24/7 seems to think otherwise... whatever it is, we love our only child to bits.

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