Monday, November 02, 2009

Reese's Going High Tech...

After months of consideration, we finally bought Reese a Macbook (Just a week or so Apple upgraded the specs for it). So now with a laptop, Reese can play his favourite games (which is actually learning!) and I can use it for his homeschooling both at home and at his grandparents place. And hopefully I will blog more too! :)

The laptop comes with a multi touch pad which we thought it's too complicated for Reese but so far, Reese has no problem navigating his favourite sites with the touch pad. I guess we can save some money getting him a wireless mouse. :)

He was so excited about it that after his nap he looked at us and said "I want the Macccbook, I want to see the Maccccbook!"

So excited....

Using the multi touch screen like an expert

See the little fingers at work?

mmmm.... why so slow? (waiting for a screen to load)

Full concentration


Cynthia said...

nowadays, kids are more high tech educated ya.. and they learned well with the help of these gadgets.. :D

LittleLamb said... young already got a real laptop..and i bet it wasnt cheap...somewhere 3k and above for one???

A gift from God said...


Computer really does help in learning even though many experts think otherwise.

It's an investment for Reese... haha.. I mean.. those play toy laptops are quite useless and they are not cheap either for the kind of quality... so might as well get a real one! :) The Macbook is Rm3599.