Thursday, November 05, 2009

37th month Milestones

So what's new? mmmm... nothing much to report. Everything is going on the upward scale.

Oh, Reese is increasingly more sociable with other children. So much so that he scared away a little girl last week at Midvalley. He was trying to hold the little girl's hand and when that failed... he tried to hug her! hehehe... Wish I was there to witness that. He loves to imitate other children when at play. He loves to play chase.

He really enjoys programs that features dance and sing routines. He will dance non-stop for at least a good 40-60 minutes. We will have to repeat the dance song up to 10 or more times.... He has alot of energy!

Lately showing slightly more interest in drawing and the usage of pencils. Trying to teach him to hold the pencil correctly. I think he is a confirmed lefty. It makes it difficult to teach him to write in the future since I am right-handed.

He loves to listen to stories read aloud. As he gets familiar with the stories, he will participate in the story 'reading'. He actually has a pretty deep understanding of the stories read to him. He is able to answer most of the questions related to the stories. Very impressive. Current favourite is Hans Christian Anderson's stories and The Bee Tree.

He loves to build things from blocks, chips and whatever he can find.

He is easier to control these days with reasoning and sometimes threats. He doesn't like mummy to be angry with him. :)

Loves to have mummy hug him to sleep and mummy loves that too! One of the weird things mummy likes to do is blowing raspberry on his armpits...and that will result in uncontrollable giggles and laughter from Reese. ;)

Trying to maintain his weight of 18+ kgs and last check of his height was around 104cm.

Did I tell you that he loves going to his playgroup and always refuses to go home? :)

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