Friday, November 13, 2009

Got a favourite routine?

Waiting for breakfast

Can't wait to eat his doughnut

See the chocolate trail around his mouth? :)

I love my Friday morning routine with Reese. We will send the maid to my mom's place and then we go to the playgroup. Before going to the playgroup, we will have breakfast at a nearby bakery. It's something I really enjoy with Reese. Great bonding time. It's a nice neighbourhood and walking towards the bakery is always fun (We rarely walk on the streets!). We talk about the things we see and it's great learning experience for Reese. At the bakery, he will have his favourite chocolate doughnut and hot chocolate while I will have a pastry. Then it's play time to play at the playgroup. After the session, I will fetch Reese back to my mom's place before I head off to work. Can't afford to eat at the bakery all the time.... it's expensive! Hehehe...


little prince's mummy said...

Really enjoying the meal :)

Moomykin said...

Good routine. :)

Yes, a very expensive bakery, but you should try the milk loaf. Also very pricey by so good when lightly toasted and then spread butter and jam on.