Monday, November 23, 2009

Greetings from Rome...

Having a great time here in Rome. It's our second day. Aches and pains everywhere... walking on cobble stone roads really is not easy. Sights are awesome! Food is fantastic... Looking forward to day three where we are going to the Vatican city.

One of the highlights for us is the food. We don't just walk in to any eating places as we sight see... hubby did alot of research on food in Rome. Some of the best food in Rome. These are frequent by locals and not tourist. First night here took us more than 30 to 40 minutes to locate a nice pizza shop... walking through alleys and backlanes and going around in maze! It was really worth it! Current favourite restaurant is Cul De Sac. Famous place. Was given a number initially and told to wait 30 minutes...but lucky us, they found us a place but we had to share a table with another couple! Nice experience and they have a wide selection of wine...thou we don't drink... :) Ah.... can't wait to go back and try other stuff.

It's been a long time since hubby and I went on holiday alone... :) fat... really need to go workout...

Very thick fava bean soup

Involtini ala romana (Veal wrapped in some stuff and fried)

Fantastic pizzas... just different from the ones in KL

On the bridge (Ponte Sisto)

Santa Maria Church in Trastevere

Temple of Saturn at Roman Forum


Unknown... just found it nice...haha


MommyAngel said...

Looks like a fantastic holiday you have there!!!!!! Enjoy yourself to the fullest ya :)

Ann said...

Great food and nice places! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy yourself.

Leona said...

Wow.. so nice. And we are getting up-to-date pictures of yur trip!!! Hmmm... romantic too!

A gift from God said...