Thursday, November 05, 2009

Quite a mouthful...

This is one of Reese's current favourite book. The Bee Tree by Patricia Polacco. When I first read the story aloud to Reese, I had some difficulties pronouncing the names of the characters! Even hubby finds it difficult... hehehe...

Here are the names in the story:

Marry Ellen
Mrs. Govlock
Baby Sylvester
Olav Lundheigen (this is a killer)
Petra and Dorma Hermann
Einar Tundevold
"Klondike" Berha Fitchworth (quite a mouthful when reading fast)
Feduciary Longdrop

I actually struggled initially to get used to saying those names as I read aloud the story to Reese and because the story is fast pace, I had to add in more expression and speed as I read along and thus makes it more difficult to read those names fluently! But it was fun... :)

Yesterday during our morning breakfast routine, I read him The Bee Tree while he munched on his cheese sandwich, he surprised me again. As usual, I will read part of the story and he will fill in the bits and pieces here and there. Then he started to say most of the characters'names in the book and with almost perfect pronunciation. I am truly surprised. I mean, we are Asians and these are not common names at least not in our 'world' and yet he can say them like everyday names!

This is a great book in the sense that it is a fast pace adventure involving a grandfather and his granddaughter chasing after some bees to the bee tree and meeting neighbours along the way...

From this book, Reese learned about bees gathering pollen from flowers, what is a bee tree, honey comb and how honey is made and also some other vocabs.

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