Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun activity for this month....

Green beans (The easiest plant to grow)

Thyme growing after 4 days of planting

Isn't it lovely? Can't wait to harvest my own herbs!

One of the activities we are doing now. Planting beans and seeds! Last week we went to ACE hardware shop to get some soil and a packet of seeds. What did I get? I got a packet of Thyme seeds. I didn't have much expectation. All my life, never really successful in planting anything except some spring onions! :)

A few weeks back, Reese and I planted some beans and Reese was so excited seeing the beans grow. So last week we discarded the old bean sprouts and planted new ones. Then Reese kept insisting on planting a plant in a flower pot with real soil (Influenced by his books). So after 2 weeks delay... we finally got the soil, seeds and pot.

Last Monday, we planted the seeds. Reese love the entire process of putting soil into the pot to planting the seeds. Then very patiently he waited every day for the plant to grow and yesterday morning, when we went to my mom's place... surprise! little leaves are beginning to grow... I was so excited... thought it is going to be a failure. What a nice surprise. Both Reese and I squatted around the pot and admire the growth! Hahahaha.... If this is successful... I am going to buy more herb seeds to grow. Buying fresh herbs is so expensive here. Maybe try Oregano next. Oh.... and I am going to show Reese root vegetables that grows easily... like onions.... :)

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Moomykin said...

I remember doing that with Micah too.