Friday, November 27, 2009

Greetings from Paris

We are now in Paris, Wind here is strong and thus very cold, got to wear gloves and thicker jacket. Looking forward to visit Notre Dame. It looks great from the river cruise which we think it's not a big deal (the cruise itself) . Ha... and it's 11 Euro per person. Food is expensive and our first meal was lousy. So went to a supermarket and got ourselves some food and fruits to make our own breakfast for the next few days. :) I am already missing the good and cheap food from Rome. By the way.. the Eiffel tower is nice thou I always wonder what's the big deal with the tower? afterall it's all steel right? but when you are there looking at it... it's not just steel anymore.... it's interesting and the surrounding area also helps make it special.

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Linda said...

You two looks good with Eifel Tower. It was the only regret that I didn't went up close and personal with Eifel tower the other day, was too busy with shopping and spending one whole day at Jardin du luxemburg.

We only eat out 3 times during our 5 days trip there, about euro 20 per person for set meal, and we drank free water, the rest either cook ourselves, eat bagette and pastry as we walk along, or sat down for coffee break.