Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reese has no separation anxiety!

Is Reese missing us? It's been 5 days since we left for our holiday. Reese behaved well and never cried because of us not being with him! Only asking his grandparents where daddy and mummy were. So he is doing well, no separation anxiety.

I miss my son very much but also having a blast here in Rome. :) So far we managed to Skype twice with Reese and he was usually too distracted by other things than to chat with us.

So it's a good thing huh? He has no problem with us being away but I am a little sad that he is not really missing me... :)

Anyway... can't wait to see my son.


Merryn said...

lol. if dat is da case, just enjoy ur trip to the max and save all ur kisses for him till u get home and showered him with them all over! :D

Blessed mum said...

its usually the case..i miss my kids too when i'm away from home..

A gift from God said...


He did missed us the final week...hehe