Saturday, October 31, 2009

Talking about Home and all the way to the Sun!

Something amusing that I want to record down. :)
Yesterday while driving home Reese and I played our imaginary planet game. Then after a while he said this:

Reese: Mummy!

Mummy: Yeah?

Reese: Where is home?

Mummy: Where is it sweetie pie?

Reese: Pxxx Sxxxxx. Home is in Pxxx Sxxxxx.

Mummy: Oh... clever.

Reese: Where is Pxxx Sxxxxx?

Mummy: Where?

Reese: In Seleeengorr. Pxxx Sxxxxx is in Seleeengorr (Selangor)

Mummy: *stunt* Yes baby... it is and where is Selangor? (In my heart... Daddy must have taught him)

Reese: Seleengor is in Malaysia. Malaysia is in Asia. Asia is on planet Earth. The moon goes round and round the earth. *taking a deep breath and continued* The earth is spinning round the Sun. And what happen to the planets? The planets got burned. The Sun exploded. *sound effect* Kaboosh!

Mummy: Wow! so clever. You are right Reese. *Smiling from ear to ear*

Reese: Mummy, Malaysia is on the globe....

Mummy: Yes.... :) *totally amazed*


Linda said...

I am stunt too.. :)

Leona said...

Your boy never seizes to amaze me...

Leona said...

opps.. i meant 'ceases'... :)

A gift from God said...

Thanks mummy, I am blessed.... hahaha